About the DiffMan Project

DiffMan is a MATLAB toolbox for solving ordinary differential equations on manifolds, based on the concept of 'Coordinate Free Numerics'. This is, loosely speaking, the idea that (whenever possible) it is important to formulate numerical algorithms generically, independently of special representations and coordinate systems. DiffMan inherits its basic design philosophy from the C++ package SOPHUS. The SOPHUS project was initiated by Magne Haveraaen and Hans Munthe-Kaas, University of Bergen, and is aimed at solving tensor field equations on sequential and parallel computers.

The DiffMan project was initiated within the SYNODE project.

The Authors of DiffMan

Kenth Engø-Monsen
Telenor Group
N-1331 Fornebu, Norway

Email: kenthe@online.no
WWW: http://kenth.engo-monsen.no/

Arne Marthinsen
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
N-7034 Trondheim, Norway

Email: Arne.Marthinsen@math.ntnu.no
WWW: http://www.ntnu.no/ansatte/arne.marthinsen

Hans Z. Munthe-Kaas
University of Bergen
Department of Mathematics

P.O. Box 7800
N-5020 Bergen, Norway


This work was in part sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council under contract no. 111038/410, through the SYNODE project.